Posted on: January 15, 2008 10:47 pm

It's a Long Off Season

While I love college basketball, soccer and a few other sports, a world without college football is... well... boring. I just hope we have enough time to get our house in order. Gone will be our top receiver (who seemed rather heartless, so I'm not all that sad), our top linebacker (who WILL be missed, but might be covered with other talent, who knows), but we have so much returning I don't hink we should be in bad shape. I simply hope we find a heart!

Now, while a lot of folks are coming out against the coaches, I am not one of them. I fully support Stoops and company. I do want to be on the record asking for a plan to see that we don't experience these big stage let downs though. Our program has accomplished so much. I am thankful for that. I am left to wonder, however, why we do not seem to have the follow through in the some of these big games. It isn't only these games that are a problem. What happened in Colorado and our slow start at Iowa State are a little hard for me to understand as well. It all seems to go back to intensity and preparedness. That's on the coaches and the player's attitudes. How do we keep it up week in and week out? I can't answer that. But, I'd love to hear Stoops and Co. come up with some public plan to share with the country and the media to counteract the PR problem we now have. We have to get back to being a killer program in the big ones.

Well, now it's on to the big, bad GOLF season well, maybe a little March Madness first.

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